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Front of the Jolly Giant Pub building
Road leading to the Jolly Giant Pub and Motel

Our Story

May 28, 2012 – youngest son graduating, employer of 24 yrs retiring… what do I wanna do? 🤔

It didn’t take long to decide, with friends like Tim and Penny Dlouhy there to advise and guide for years to come. Over the past 10 years we focused on the menu and atmosphere, so that you feel comfortable and at home with every visit.


From our soup, burgers, and our hand-cut French fries we try to prepare as much as we can in-house. Our love of food, antiques, and music have come together.


Skip to December 2015, we purchased the motel across the highway to add to our family. Eighteen rooms were then renovated and we continue to maintain them around the clock!

When you descend into the valley where Willow Bunch is nestled, it’s a site you won’t long forget. Next to one of the most gorgeous golf courses in Saskatchewan. 


We couldn’t think of a better location to create a gathering spot for those, both near and far. Willow Bunch has so much history, and we’ve really tried to capture that inside the pub.

The diverse group of fabulous people from all over the world, who have come together to cook, serve and clean; they are to thank for making the Jolly Giant what it continues to be today.

Many thanks,

Dawn, Mark, Penny & Tim

Rock with metal name sign in front of Jolly Giant Pub
Original 16 car in front of the Jolly Giant Pub
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